Saturday, January 24, 2009

Viva Sakura!

Meeting Jackie

The piece below was commissioned by my sister Blanca for her boyfriends mom named Lydia. She has been a great admirer of Jackie O. The piece is 2 seperate images. I used a very dark purple for the dresses and hair. It is my favorite color to use at the moment. I wanted the piece to have a classic look to it-my version of a black and white photo.

Meeting Jackie

Zip-it Mona

This piecce was comissioned by my sister Blanca for my sister Monica. While vacationing in Costa Rica with my siblings, we did a zip line tour while it was pouring rain. My sister Mona was terrified especially of the first jump that went over a raging river. The title is a play on words for the zip line and also because the tour guides told her she talked too much especially on our drive to the rainforest. They jokingly asked if anyone had duct tape to keep her quiet as she was playfully talking 'shit.'

Zip-it Mona


i did this piece for my brother-in-law Enrique as a xmas gift. the piece is taken from their wedding day. The word vieja means old woman. it is a term of endearment that my dad calls my mom and which Enrique soemtimes uses to call my sister Glicelda. i love nicknames as they reflect a deep affection for another.

something borrowed, something blue, something new, something vieja

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Little girl of 2009

Below is my first 'little girl' of 2009. It is in honor Harris Glenn Milstead a.k.a Divine. It is in honor of his courageous self to be himself and to everyone who is brave enough to be themselves. It is about seeing being the shell we call our bodies and seeing the spirit within us.

An Angel Divine

An Angel Divine Framed