Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Girls May

I have finally finished my ‘Little Girls’ for the month of May. They are in honor of my mother. Her birthday was just a few days ago. So much of who I am and how I live my life is in gratitude to her. She has been of great inspiration and a vehicle of love and kindness to everyone. Her courage and strength to live with her condition ASL) is beyond admiration. She is an angel in the lives of everyone who has crossed her path.

1) ‘Expecting Me’- This piece is a sort of self-portrait. The little red ball represents me- ‘the little clown inside her while she is pregnant’. The image is taken of her while she was pregnant with one of my sisters. The Spanish words say something about her and how I will always remember her life.
2) ‘Mama in Roses’- This piece is also taken from a photograph and I think of her whenever I see a rose. Over the years, she has kept rose gardens and her love of flowers is always with me. I had a clear and simple idea for this piece and it turned out just as I had first imagined.
3) ‘Shooting Papa’- A few years ago I found a photo of her on vacation; there was a pirate theme around them. She was pointing a gun at Papa. The look on her face is hilarious. I wanted this piece to be colorful and silly.

Mama In Roses

Expecting Me

Shooting Papa