Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Girls August

Little Girls for August 2009

My Little Girls this month are in homage to my 2nd favorite TV show- Sex in the City. Prior to the opening of the movie a few years ago, I got teary eyed. I felt that I was seeing great friends that I had not seen in a while. Up until a year ago, I had not had cable TV and so aside from the basic channels, I spent a lot of time watching my DVD’s of the entire series; some of those DVD’s no longer work from watching them so much. I have come to think of the 4 girls as dear friends in my life. I have laughed and cried with them. It may seem a little silly, but there is a very deep connection with them. I have come to relate to them, their friendships and their challenges with sex, love, and intimacy.

1) In Charlotte I see my willingness to be romantic, to see life with new eyes. It’s a challenge sometimes, but I try.
2) In Carrie I see the writer in me, I see the willingness to be truthful to my self; it takes courage to do so.
3) In Miranda I see my hard shell that is afraid of being hurt.
4) In Samantha I see my sexy side and my willingness to be free, I see the clown in me.

The four pieces this month come as one set @ $500. I am also selling framed prints at $100 for the set.

I’m excited about continuing many more pieces form the show and movie and possibly doing an entire collection for a future exhibit. I’m already excited about the sequel.


Ricky Sencion

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