Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Girls for April

My Little Girls for April are here. They are tribute to Madonna. After all these years, I am still listening to her music, especially the classics from The Immaculate Conception. As for the fond memory I mentioned in last months e-mail, here it is:

One early morning, some almost 20 years ago, while living in SF, I drove out to black sand beach across the bay. It was cold and foggy and no one was out. I climbed down the cliffs with a cd player and headphones on. As I got to the sand, ‘Like a Prayer’ came on and before I new it, I was dancing around the sand and splashing against the waves with all my clothes on. I felt immense joy and freedom! In the end, my cd player was broken and I drove home in wet clothes. I can still remember the feeling every time I listen to the song.

1) “Madonna Rules the World” is a tribute to her comment on American Bandstand about ‘ruling the world.’ I took the image from the last years Vanity Fair cover.
2) “Burning Prayers”- is taken from her Like a Prayer Video and is a commentary on the use of religion and/or prayer for selfish reasons rather than for acts of kindness.
3) “Confessions of a Child Dropped on the Dance Floor” is my version of Madonna and Child and meant to be just silly.

Confessions of a Child Dropped on the Dance Floor

Madonna Rules The World

Burning Prayers