Monday, July 28, 2008

Billie Holiday CD

A few days ago I came to realize that for the past 10 years of painting ‘Little Girls’, I had been listening to only one CD; it is Billie Holidays’ The Billie Holiday Songbook. One early morning as I placed the CD into the stereo, something triggered in me and I came to the realization. Somehow listening to her and this CD inspired me in ways I don’t truly understand and don’t attempt to now. I’ll let it be.

The following morning after seeing Diana Ross at the Hollywood Bowl, I walked over to Amoeba Records and I purchased a few CD’s 2 from Miss Ross and another from Billie. Seeing Ms. Ross in concert inspired me in many ways. It inspired me to paint the forest series, a few new images for little Ms. Ross’, and after listening to her perform ‘More than Yesterday,” I was touched and teary eyed as I thought of my Mama. I thought of her as I listened to the words, “I love you more today than yesterday, but not more than tomorrow.” I loved Mama incredibly and felt grateful for all the love she opened up in me.

And so with some new music to listen to, I am excited about new inspirations, new openings, and many more new little girls.

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