Monday, July 16, 2012

By The Grace

Hello World. It’s Monday and in a few minutes I’m off on my morning walk. 

Last night while watching “Oprah Builds a Network” (a behind the scenes of her as CEO of OWN) she said something that struck a nerve. In struggling with the network, she said something to the effect “that at some point everyone is taken down from the mountaintop.” She was referring to not being on top of the game, yet being able to see the beauty of another mountaintop. I immediately saw how this applied to my own journey in life. Life for the past couple of months has not been easy; emotionally/ spiritually it’s been the hardest I’ve had to live with. 

Now, I can see that I’ve needed to come down from my own mountaintop. And though the valley has been quite low, I can now climb another mountain, with a different view, a different journey. I see how hearing these words will help in the transition. By the grace of God, we are given everything we can handle. By the grace of God, we are given an opportunity to live life. I’m breathing today and that is enough. I can start climbing again. 

The piece here is titled, “ By The Grace of God.” Grace Jones and a crucifix inspire it. The old proverb goes, “There but for the grace of God go I.” I like to say, “There for the grace of God go I.” In simply removing the ‘but’ from the sentence, the entire meaning is changed. It’s a reminder to see myself in everyone and everything. It doesn’t always happen so easily, but if definitely makes life easier when I do. 

Have a beautiful week ahead. 

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