Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm Seeing Spots Dots and Periods

Good morning World! 

Since starting my LITTLE Pop series, I seem to be seeing spots everywhere. I think of them as dots, but they’re actually periods, a punctuation mark. 

Many years ago I took a class on Adobe Photoshop, but since I never used it, I forgot everything about this program; it’s now evolved. In knowing myself, the thought of retaking an Adobe course seems daunting. I like things and life to be simple. But who knows, I may surprise myself. When my brother John inquired about how I was creating these portraits, I told him I was doing it on MAC Preview. He was surprised to hear that all these dots are actually a punctuation mark from our alphabet, a period. 

After a few months, I’ve created various color boards with a simple period, some small, some large. As I move onward, I keep creating more and more boards. Though I sometimes use the same color board, each portrait is different from one another. And because I seem to keep seeing spots everywhere, I’m not surprised that I keep imagining more and more color boards. I’ve become an expert on Preview. 

With recent technology of texting and stuff, I see how a period and every other punctuation mark have become obsolete. As an amateur writer, I still find punctuation marks important. They may not express everything I have to say, but in my portraits of icons, a period is everything. It’s a round spot, a symbol of life coming around full circle. In doing so, I’m allowed to create works of beauty. 

The portrait here is titled, “Judy.” Judy Garland, as Dorothy, inspires it. It’s my second portrait of Dorothy. “Glinda tells her she’s always had the power… but that she had to learn it or herself. It’s been many years since I have seen the movie, but I love this idea. With a little help, I have the power to transform my own life. Period. 

As a grade school boy, I once came in 2nd place for a Halloween drawing contest. I drew a witch with a big nose, a wart, and green face. I wish I still owned it. As I look back, maybe it was a sign; the wicked witch was not supposed to prevail and rather goodness and greatness would be who I became. Almost 35 years since doing that piece of work, I’m still an artist living my life as best as I could, always and still. 

To believe is to move forward, to evolve. I believe in evolution. I believe in who we are and will become. And if the Beatles sang, “Believe in yesterday”; I’ll keep believing in today, tomorrow, and the next days. 

Have a beauty of a week ahead............

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