Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Sheep

Oh boy, I’m just getting back from my long morning walk. I wanted to break down in tears as soon as I left my apartment. Though I’m easily affected by this gloomy LA weather, its more than that. I’m feeling discouraged with my art career. 

Immediately I started feeling gratitude for everyone and everything in my life. I’m blessed in every way. How could I possibly be sad? Yet being grateful didn’t alleviate the sadness. I kept walking and thinking about how to get out of this, yet knowing I had to feel it through; I need to cry. I’d wait until I got back home to let the tears flow. They haven’t come yet. 

In the middle of my walk I had a mini epiphany. I had to stop focusing on where I ‘wasn’t’ and start focusing on where I want to go. This is the clue. I’m being pushed to think bigger and outside of myself. The uncertainty feels scary! I’m feeling overwhelmed and curious at the same time. 

This past week, aside from working on painting my apartment (because I need a fresh start), I’ve also worked on my Pink Sheep. There’s something magical about these pink sheep; I feel joy doing them. And though they’re very simple in nature; they’re meaningful. The series is a representation of not following the norm, off not conforming to standards other than your own. The piece here is titled, “Will Work For Sex.” The idea of a sheep working for sex is silliness. How could I possibly feel sadness in seeing this? It cracks me up. 

And as for the rest of the day, I can’t say. But I'd rather be a happy pink sheep than a sad one. 

Be Bold, Be Weird, Be Random, Be AMAZING!

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