Monday, December 24, 2012


Ah yes, it’s finally XMAS Eve. I’m loving the drizzly day. 

After a little work, I’m driving up to Ontario to spend time with the family. After almost 45 years, I still love it and none of us have ever missed it. 

In honor of XMAS and of a little something red, the piece featured here is titled “Red 12.” It’s my very first piece from my photo series, “LTTTLE Solo.” I’ve been anxiously waiting to do it. And thankfully to my coworkers/friends I’m finally able to pursue it. They gave me a digital camera for XMAS! I’ll always think about them when I see this piece. (Thank you Digby, Annatte, Sam, and Sadiero). 

A few months ago my old camera gave out, but the idea started while vacationing with my siblings in Tulum, Mexico. My little sister Blanca started singing Toby Keith’s song, “Red Solo Cup.’ Somehow the lyrics stuck in my head and when I returned to LA, it seemed like this red cups were everywhere. Because I walk so much in LA, I’d come across them in the strangest of places. I wondered not only about whom left them behind, but about what they were drinking. Where did they come from and why/how they came to be discarded. Most interestingly, I usually see them lying around solo as if they never belonged to anyone.

In some strange way, I see myself every time I see them. Not because I’ve been discarded, but because I realize that there’s more to meet the eyes than what we see. I often wonder what others see about me; there’s a story behind me, behind all each one of us. If we look behind what our eyes see, we can see each other. We see a connection and not just a single one of us. We are not solo; we are together. 

“Red solo cup, I fill you up 
Let's have a party, let's have a party.” 

Merry XMAS. Cheers and Blessings on this Holiday Season. 

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