Monday, December 3, 2012

War Sex and Art

Last night I dreamt about being attacked by giant 10-foot chickens/roosters. 

This dream was followed by yet another more interesting dream. I was deployed to 1940’s Nazi Germany. When our helicopter landed safely, everyone got off, but myself; I was taken to another secret location. We landed at a ritzy Nazi occupied hotel. I was left alone without instructions or any personal belongings. Once the helicopter parted, I was escorted, by the concierge, to the pool area where Nazi onlookers stood shocked in seeing me in USA uniform. Because I was without belongings, I dived into the pool fully clothed. A Nazi Commander carrying a loaded rifle followed me in. The rifle like a sharks fin remained above water. I woke up. 

I woke up thinking about whether or not I should do a LITTLE Pop portrait of Hitler? Good or bad, there aren’t many bigger icons than him. He changed the face of our world. As the morning unfolded, I realized I must. I will begin work on it shortly. I already have a vision in mind. 

This morning while riding the stationary bicycle at the gym, I started reading Tom of Finland’s biography. Only 28 pages in and man-o-man it’s already intriguing. There’s talk of uniforms, World War II and anonymous sex. In regards to World War II and its blackouts, Tom’s biographer F. Valentine Hooven III writes, “All over Europe during this period, the bizarrely quiet war turned cities…into sexual playgrounds.” Reading these details felt like Europe during war had become one giant sex club for men in uniforms. 

I love the synchronicity of life, my dreams (of cocks and war) and this biography. Deepak Chopra writes, “Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through what we call the soul.” 

After 2+ years of not having sex, is it possible that my ‘soul’ and I need to get laid? A-ha! 

Since I won’t be revealing my Hitler piece until after my show this Thursday, here’s a Hitler piece I did from my LITTLE People series. It’s titled, “Imagine Peace.” A yes, it all sounds so good.

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