Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Girls for February

In honor of the award season, which has always been of great inspiration I have “Kate Wins-A-Globes.” More importantly, in honor of our new president and first lady, I have “Fist Pumping First Lady…He’s Seeing Stars, Seeing Stars.”

Soon after Titanic, I had the opportunity to wait on Kate Winslet while working as a pool attendant at The Bel-Air Hotel. She wore a one-piece black bathing suit to the pool area and she looked absolutely gorgeous. As one of my favorite actresses, I was happy to finally see her win not only her first, but also her second Golden Globe in the same year. As an A-List star, who’s done a wide range of roles, I mostly admire her for her courage to bare herself unlike many others. And so in honor of her 2 wins, I gave her 2 ‘golden boobs’.

Prior to viewing the inauguration on TV, I knew I would be emotional… I was. Mostly, I cried as I watched the thousands of people gathered around to see him sworn in and I imagined the millions more watching around the world. I felt inspired to paint a second ‘Little Girl.’ Throughout the election, I loved the emotion and show of affection the Obama’s displayed in doing their little fist pump gesture. “Fist Pumping First Lady… He’s Seeing Stars, Seeing Stars” is in honor to her, to him, and to every woman who has stood behind her man. Because as the old saying goes, ‘Behind every great man is a great woman.” In this case, a great ‘Little Girl.”

On a lighter note, I found a little sense of humor in the fist pump and the cartoonish idea of him seeing stars from being playfully hit by her and in doing so seeing his own dream of becoming President.

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