Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Rose For Mr. Griffith

The piece below was commissioned by my close friend Ralph Negron for his friends and bosses Rose Apodaca and Andy Griffith.

At first, I had a challenge with finding a photo to work from, but after spending some time on her blog, I came across a photo of them on their wedding day. I was immediately taken by it. Not only did she look beautiful, but the joy on his face as he looks at her inspired me. She mentions in her blog that even though she goes by her name, she would be okay with being called ‘Mrs. Griffith.’ This inspired me to name the piece which is in honor of both of them especially since I don’t paint male images in my work and they appear solely as silhouettes. And so the idea is that he allows her to be the beauty in his life, his joy, his ‘rose.’ And she’s okay with belonging to him, hence the title of the piece- “A Rose for Mr. Griffith.”

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