Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dreams of Wigging Out

For the past 3 months life felt like I was wigging out; I could've checked myself into an institution. But for the past almost 2 weeks, life is looking up. 

Later tonight, I’m heading to Puerto Rico with my siblings and in laws for a belated birthday in honor of my amazing little sister Blanca. It’s beautiful to have siblings and in laws like I do. We have times to remember. 

This past Tuesday, in preparation for Mr. Blacks Masquerade Ball, I re-watched Wigstock: The Movie. It’s been a little over 10 years ago since I was lucky enough to be at the taping of the movie in both Tompkins Square Park and at the Christopher Street Piers. it was truly a gay and happy Extravaganza! I’ll never forget it. The list of performers was unbelievable: Lady Bunny, Leigh Bowery, Debbie Harry, Joey Arias, RuPaul, Mistress Formika, Lypsinka, Dee Lite, Crystal Waters, Ultra Nate, Candis Cayne. The list goes on and on. During RuPaul’s performance, I have a mille second appearance when the camera scans the crowd. (I look so serious and mean). It’s not my 15 minutes of fame, but the memories of joy are priceless.

The piece here is titled, “The Lady Bunny.” It’s from my LITTLE series. Sometime in 1991ish, I first saw the Lady Bunny in San Francisco when Gus Bean threw an amazing party at the Palladium. I had VIP passes and everything. And speaking of SF, a few years later when Wigstock traveled west, I even came oh-so-close to performing with Mona Foot as Wonder Woman. I was soooooo nervous. It happened last minute; a dancer had not shown up and I was wearing the right attire, leather pants and a black tank top. At the time, thankfully, the dancer showed up, but now looking back, I wish he hadn’t. 

In 1992, a year prior to the filming, I told my boyfriend, there’s a drag queen that sang this song called ‘Supermodel.’ I think she’s going to be huge. A year later, RuPaul said, “I had a dream and I never faltered.” Because if God has bigger dreams for us how can we falter. 

Today’s post is dedicated to my siblings, my in laws, and to all the drag queens who have made my life colorful. You all inspire me to dream! 

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