Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome Back Kitty

Ah it’s my favorite day of the week, Monday! 

Welcome back. This past Thursday night, I returned home from Puerto Rico. We had another great siblings vacation. I’m already looking forward to next year; where will we end up? 

My return home has already been great. On Friday night, Christine treated me to see The Book of Mormons at The Pantages. We had an early dinner at Delancey, which we both loved. And yesterday, thinking of her, I saw the One Night Only Hello Kitty Art Show at Known Gallery on Fairfax. I found out the night before and so I didn’t have time to plan ahead. I know she would have loved it; she’s a little Hello Kitty obsessed. 

We like to joke about it being ‘age’ inappropriate, but then again who made those rules about what is and isn’t appropriate. I’d prefer to live life according to my own set of childlike standards. At this point in life, who needs more rules? 

The piece here is titled “Kitty.” I created it this morning. Christine and yesterdays art exhibit inspires it. It was an experience seeing the show; hundreds of people showed. Luckily I was able to get a book to add to my growing Art Book Collection. 

Have a beautiful week ahead and remember to “Welcome the task that makes you go beyond yourself”- Frank McGee 

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