Monday, September 10, 2012

Digitally Enhanced

TGIM! I love my Mondays; especially that I don’t have to work.
It’s like I get to start off the week with time for me; it’s important.

I’m just coming back from my morning walk; I was thinking about words.
 I wasn't lost in translation; I was lost in inspiration. I love it when this happens.

This past week I’ve been obsessed with a LITTLE new project;
I’m calling it LITTLE Pop. I’ve spent hours on my computer working
with old photographs. One night, I was up until 4AM. Though
the pieces have a little Warhol/ Lichtenstein, some of my very
early work while in high school included drawing with dots
 before I even new of Lichtenstein. Interesting!
At least that’s what I thought.

The piece here is titled. “Chela.” My older sister Glicelda inspires it.
The image is taken from a family portrait we did when she was about 7.
I have always loved this photo; there is something very haunting about it.
It even reminds me of the Mona Lisa. The enhancement of these
photographs is not to make them better, but rather to see them
from a different perspective.

As I digitally enhance these old photographs with clicks of a button,
I wonder if we can do the same with our lives and with one another.
How can we enhance one anthers life? With different perspectives,
can we shed light and meaning? It’s something to think about.

Spanish poet Miguel de Unamuno wrote, “Art distills sensations
and embodies it with enhanced meaning.” This quote made me think
twice about art and life and how we observe it all. do we embody love?
Have we been kind and compassionate?

With my art I’ve always thought that when I’m gone, it can beautifully
enhance the lives of those who come to own it. There is love in it. 

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