Monday, August 6, 2012

Burn Out

                                                                 Good Morning Monday. I'm just getting back from a doctor's appointment; all is well. 

After 43 years of life one could say that burn out is possible, especially in the last couple of months. Life hasn’t been so easy. 

After 10 days of Olympic coverage, I’m a little burnt out, but I continue to be inspired. Of all the moments so far, I’d have to say that my 2 most memorable have been: 1) Seeing Beach Volleyball player Keri Walsh ‘Hi Five’ the entire crew after her matches. It’s turned my heart to see her do this. Her sense of gratitude is a beautiful thing! 2) Double amputee Oscar’s Pistorius’ grace before and after his last 400M race is remarkable. His spirit is beyond amazing! 

As I wonder about life and the game of life, I wonder what if, regardless of the outcome, we saluted with grace, everyone who partook in our daily experiences. What if we said thank you a little bit more? 

The piece featured here is from my LITTLE Self-Portrait series; it’s Untitled. This past week I spent a couple of hours working on some more of these pieces. It’s been a reflective an interesting process. The piece here represents my overcoming of fears. 

Oscar’s sporting motto is, "You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have." These words are incredible! How could I possibly think of burn out? What if instead I stop and appreciate the many abilities I’ve been blessed to have? What if instead I went out into the world with a sense of wonder? 

If I'm able to walk, to see, to hear, to hold, to smile, to eat, to love, to paint, to think, to talk, to write and to breathe; then I am fully able to live up to everything I imagine. 


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