Friday, August 31, 2012

WHY Do We Speak?

                                                                                                   As human beings, we can speak through our eyes, with our hands and body, but why do we have languages? Why do we speak? Is it a simple question? And what is ‘it’?

I’m curious to hear some thoughts on this, please. Pretty Please. If you're reading this, please let a thought out.

Today I’m spending the day with a great and beautiful friend of almost 25 years, Christine. The piece featured here is in here honor; it’s titled “Mi Negra.” It’s my funny way of calling  ‘her my “N”’ word. It’s a portrait of her from when we spent a day together a few years ago. Aside from wearing a black dress and black Prada sunglasses, she has a Hello Kitty tattoo near another tattoo of a cherry blossom tree. Upon request, I asked her to have a fallen cherry blossom tattooed at the bottom. She did. That’s what the red ‘stuff’ falling from her dress represents. It’s me, the fallen angel.

Again, why do we speak?

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