Monday, August 13, 2012


                                                                                     Hello Monday. It’s finally over; the Olympics are now a blast from the past. 

This past Saturday after a long hike in Griffith Park with my sister Blanca, we went over to Wacko and The Luz De Jesus Gallery. I wanted to see the works of LA artist Jose Rodolfo Ontiveros; the show is titled Disasterland. I loved his work and his concept of fairytale gone wrong is inspiring, amazing! 

Later on in the evening, while doing some late night reading, I suddenly heard the loud chirps of a cricket. It was inside my apartment and it sounded like it had a megaphone! Was he trying to tell me something? Possibly? 

Patiently, I took my time, I stood very still, I listened closely, and after a few minutes, I found it crawling around in a corner of my living room. I reached for it, it jumped, I missed and it jumped again. I snatched it and was about to flush it down the toilet bowl, but a little ‘jiminy cricket’ voice told me to fling it out the window. Like any other creature, it deserved life. I’m glad I didn’t kill it because according to Chinese culture, crickets are a symbol of good luck and protection. Maybe it was here for a reason, but I knew I couldn’t sleep with it talking so loudly. 

Jiminy Cricket says, “A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to. That's just the trouble with the world today...” It was the little voice that told me not to kill the cricket. Maybe it was Jiminy himself. If the trouble with the world is not listening to this little voice, why don’t we all do it more often? Are we afraid of hearing something, a truth about ourselves? 

The piece here is another from my LITTLE Jesus series. It’s titled “Jesus Soul.” I love the simplicity and beauty of this piece. It’s a little mixture of Jesus and me. It’s our souls that speak to us; if we listen closely, the answers are always here, there, everywhere. 

Suddenly, I’m now feeling grateful for this little cricket; it’s reminded me to pay attention and to listen closely. Thank you! 

“I can hear you now.” 

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